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Powerline Technician

Powerline Technician

Last Day to Apply: September 16, 2019

** In order to begin your application, we will require a number of pieces of information.  Please have the following information readily available to complete your application.  If you do not have this information, please refer to the FAQ section for further information before proceeding.**

Copy of Resume
Electronic Copy of High School Transcripts
Copy of Ontario Secondary School Diploma
Copy of your Grade 12 Mathematics Code (if you were educated in Ontario)

Please Note- You are only required to provide or submit a copy of your school transcript if you are invited for an interview.

Position Details

At Hydro One, Powerline Technicians serve an apprenticeship to become a certified Powerline Technician.

Powerline Technicians construct, operate and maintain transmission and distribution lines. Their primary duty is to maintain power service to Hydro One customers.

A Powerline Technician is capable of erecting towers, poles and structures for power lines. They install and maintain overhead, underground and submarine conductors as well as all associated equipment. These include transformers, regulators, re-closures, sectionalizers, capacitors, airbreak switches and fused cutouts. Powerline Technicians also troubleshoot and restore electrical power during emergencies.

Applicants for this position must have successfully completed Grade 12 (or equivalent) Math and English (or equivalent). Related employment experience or education is an asset. A valid Ontario driver's license is also required.

Your success is based on a good work ethic, quality skills and a great attitude. Related work experience is an asset.

Training & Experience

The apprenticeship for a Powerline Technician consists of 4 terms of 2000 hours each. It takes approximately one year to complete each term. The 8000 hr apprenticeship includes a three week orientation session and a two week training session per term. All five in-class training sessions will be conducted at Hydro One's Kleinburg Training Centre, located just north of Toronto.

Apprentices also receive additional training to become a Regional Maintainer Lines. This includes Hydro One specific training.


Powerline Technician Apprentices are required to travel and work throughout the province.

Upon successful completion of the apprenticeship program, you will be encouraged to apply for Powerline Technician opportunities anywhere in the Hydro One system.

Compensation & Benefits

In addition to enjoying a satisfying career with fellow skilled trade's people, you are paid while learning and enjoy an excellent benefit package. Apprentices start at $31.71/hr which includes benefits, pension and vacation pay, with pay adjustments upon completion of each term.

At Hydro One, fully qualified Powerline Technicians earn a total wage package of approximately $57.40/hr which includes benefits, pension and vacation pay. Apprentices earn wage increases after each term.

Position Demands

This work will appeal to those individuals that enjoy physical work that is primarily outdoors in all types of weather conditions. You will be required to work at heights, on ladders, in aerial devices and in trees. Powerline Technicians perform work on live electrical lines using a variety of tools, rubber gloves, and apply bare hand techniques.

Next Steps

Prior to proceeding to the application process, please ensure you have the following information readily available to complete your application. If you do not have this information, please refer to the FAQ section for further information before proceeding.

  • Electronic copy of your personal Resume to be available for copy and paste (mandatory)
  • Electronic copy of your cover letter to be available for copy and paste (optional)
  • Copy of your High School Transcript(s) which includes course codes and marks (mandatory)

We'll keep your application on file for up to one year and contact you if your qualifications match any of our future Powerline Technician opportunities.


For assistance with your job application please refer to Frequently Asked Questions

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